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Wirelessly charge anywhere

With the charge stream suite of products, you can wirelessly charge your
mobile devices on the move, at home, at work, or while traveling.


charge stream pad+

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charge stream vent mount

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charge stream desk stand

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charge stream powerstation wireless

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  • EASY

    Charging made simple

    No more hassling with cables. Simply place your smartphone on the surface of your wireless charger, and charging begins immediately. Products like the charge stream powerstation wireless portable battery let you take wireless charging with you wherever you go.


    Wireless power anywhere

    Wireless charging expands your possibilities for where and when you charge. With products like the charge stream desk stand and the charge stream pad+, you can charge in any room in your house. And the charge stream vent mount lets you charge on your way to a new destination.

  • FAST

    Optimized for the fastest charge possible

    charge stream products are compatible with Apple and Samsung Fast Charge which means they can deliver a charge as fast as your Apple or Samsung device can take it. When wireless charging is always within reach, it’s easy to top off your battery and keep it fully charged.